Rumi Wisdom Saturday: We’re Prisoners

Hello people! Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday blog. Today’s topic is being prisoners. We are all in different prisons. Prisoners of circumstances, situations etc. But Rumi is giving us a solution: Why do you stay in a prison when the door is so wide open?MEVLANA CELADDIIN-I RUMI Take a moment to reflect on your... Continue Reading →

Rumi Wisdom Saturday: Singing

Hello people! Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday blog. Today’s topic is singing. We all have unique voices and tones. Do you have a song to sing today? Then sing it loud and clear…That is what Rumi teaching. "I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think."MEVLANA... Continue Reading →

If dreaming wasn’t for the rich

If dreaming wasn’t for the rich we had big and transformative dreams. Our dreams were higher than the mountains. They were deeper than the oceans. All we wanted was to dream about a brighter tomorrow and a happy yesterday. Over here dreaming is expensive and only the rich can afford it. The rich made dreaming... Continue Reading →

Rumi Wisdom Saturday: Dancing

Hello people! Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday blog. Today's topic is dancing. We all have our unique dance moves. Some love belly dancing, salsa, ndombolo, break dancing, ballet, pole dancing or even the once famous Idibala dance from South Africa. But have you ever asked yourself about the benefits of dancing. Rumi's quote summarizes everything for you.... Continue Reading →

My unexpected return to the village

After spending many years in exile, I decided to return to my beloved village. At the airport, gross incompetence combed through my luggage and corruption stamped my passport. I decided to visit the loo and I was welcomed by a handwritten sign: “NO WATER, PLEASE USE A BUCKET”. I was astonished because the bucket had... Continue Reading →

Rumi Wisdom Saturday

Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday! I hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are . Here’s another powerful quote from Rumi. “In the blackest of your moments, wait with no fear.”Mevlana Celaddiin-i Rumi Most of us don't have the nerve to concede this, but currently life is scary. We are living in... Continue Reading →

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