Amanda’s Reply to Andrea’s Letter

After waiting for decades, Andrea finally gets his reply from Amanda.

Drifting Away

As we wait for Amanda's reply, a poem is waiting for you on my blog. I am not a good poet, so don't judge me 🙂

The Turkey Moments…

The serial lair in me My prayers and thoughts are with the people of Istanbul... I hope you all enjoyed my last post. Well if you didn’t enjoy it, I hope this piece will live up to your expectations. I am going to share with you a story and I will try to keep it... Continue Reading →

The Turkey Moments…

Typical introduction dialogue I know someone could have blogged about this topic before but I would like to add a new perspective. As an international student, I have had many funny moments, to some these moments can be derogatory, racist or belittling.   Everyone is curious but the level of curiosity exhibited by some parts of... Continue Reading →

Internet curfews

In the last two years “Internet curfews”   have rapidly increasing in Africa and are slowly becoming a norm. Authoritarian African regimes are using “internet curfews” also known as internet blackouts as a way of stemming protests and silencing democratic opposition. Social media and messaging applications have been the major victims of internet blackouts, especially during... Continue Reading →

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