Status, show off, power etc…

On social media, the one with many followers, claims opinion on the whole shebang; in my hood, the one with cars and flashy belongings is a ladies’ darling; at work, the boss is the tsar to the subordinates; at home, the father has the TV remote because he wants to watch soccer; in a bachelor’s car, the mum and the girlfriend fight for the front seat; at the bank, the security guard rules supreme; and in my village, the chosen one controls voters like toy soldiers…

An Emotional Prison

I don't like the path this story is taking. It's already too late to change the script. If I had a chance, I was going to rewrite the script again and reshape my destiny. It's painful that this ship has sailed already and whacking into an iceberg is unavoidable. All I have to do is... Continue Reading →

Rumi Wisdom Saturday: Love Poem

Hello people! Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday blog. Today I am going to share with you a poem from the Mathnawi VI, 1967-1974 about love. Love is a beautiful thing so they say in modern day lingo. Enjoy!!! Love is reckless Love is reckless; not reason. Reason seeks a profit. Love comes on strong,... Continue Reading →

If dreaming wasn’t for the rich

If dreaming wasn’t for the rich we had big and transformative dreams. Our dreams were higher than the mountains. They were deeper than the oceans. All we wanted was to dream about a brighter tomorrow and a happy yesterday. Over here dreaming is expensive and only the rich can afford it. The rich made dreaming... Continue Reading →

Internet curfews

In the last two years “Internet curfews”   have rapidly increasing in Africa and are slowly becoming a norm. Authoritarian African regimes are using “internet curfews” also known as internet blackouts as a way of stemming protests and silencing democratic opposition. Social media and messaging applications have been the major victims of internet blackouts, especially during... Continue Reading →

Child Soldiers: Noticed but Ignored Child Abuse

Reason M. Runyanga Every day the world is at war, new conflicts are arising, but the question is; who is fighting in these conflicts? It has been noted that in some government and other insurgent forces, children are being conscripted into their ranks. These children have been termed as ‘child soldiers’ by organisations like the... Continue Reading →

Rumi Wisdom Saturday: Changing the world

Hello people! Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday blog. Today’s topic is about ourselves before changing the world. Our main aim today is trying to change the world. But why is the world not changing?. The mighty words of Rumi might be our solution: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.... Continue Reading →

Rumi Wisdom Saturday: We’re Prisoners

Hello people! Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday blog. Today’s topic is being prisoners. We are all in different prisons. Prisoners of circumstances, situations etc. But Rumi is giving us a solution: Why do you stay in a prison when the door is so wide open?MEVLANA CELADDIIN-I RUMI Take a moment to reflect on your... Continue Reading →

Rumi Wisdom Saturday: Singing

Hello people! Welcome to my Rumi Wisdom Saturday blog. Today’s topic is singing. We all have unique voices and tones. Do you have a song to sing today? Then sing it loud and clear…That is what Rumi teaching. "I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think."MEVLANA... Continue Reading →

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